More Tributes to Jerry

More tributes and thoughts of Dad still coming in…. Thanks to those contributing here…
Glen Vecchione (Los Angeles) , Burt’s UCLA roomate (70s) wrote on your timeline.
October 24 , 2012 at 7:05am
“Burt, sorry to hear this sad news about your dad. I met him once, long ago,
when we were all at UCLA and went on a road trip (with Frank) up to the bay area tovisit your folks. He was gentle, fun, and intelligent, and I remember him quoting somepoetry to us over the dinner table … “We are twenty! We are twenty! Who can say weare more?” It was his advice to us about enjoying our youth and recognizing that itwas a special time.”
Paul for Rita Kaplan (San Mateo) ,second cousins
“Jerry was always in good humour.’ (We were all together as recently as last Thanksgiving at which time Jerry also celebrated his 97th birthday). ‘
Professor Jack Letiche (Berkeley) , World reknown UC Berkeley Economist and long time friend of Jerry’s(and patient along with wife Emily) and the only contemporary to survive Jerry, though still a few years younger. The three of us had lunch together at Kinder’s Deli in Walnut Creek –   Dad’s last meal out, only a few months ago. Recent author of 5 star autobiography, highly recommended if I may so myself (Dad and I read this together over the previous year and thoroughly enjoyed it: (Amazon):

Crises and Compassion: From Russia to the Golden Gate by John Letiche

“Dear Burt,                                                                                               Your taking care of Jerry in his passing-away days was highly commendable.  Regrettably for me, I had been hospitalized during the past two weeks, rendering it impossible for me to attend the memorial.  To Emily and me Jerry was a personal giant, a man upon whom we depended for about fifty years.  Throughout his life I would keep telephoning him whenever a medical problem arose.  Beyond that, he had early training in economics with Nobel Laureate George Stigler, who was also a teacher and friend of mine.  When he was president of AEA, he invited me for the first time to deliver a lecture at the Association Meetings.  This was a unique event in my career, and Jerry and I shared its occasion. I was delighted to learn that some fifty people attended the memorial service.  Doubtless your efforts were instrumental.  I look forward to our next luncheon.
Condolence to you.


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