Greetings from the Kaufmans!

10-17-11 and 10-18-11…

….Birthdays for Grandma Rose brother Don – and a good time to bring back the Kaufman family to these pages. We’ve missed Don, Joan and Pauline so much over these past 10 years  as well as our favorite furry  friends Pucky, Roscoe and the others we will be sure to mention in these pages as time goes on. We’ve never forgotten our dear brethren; in fact, they’re always with us – in our thoughts, dreams and prayers – and now we can be with them  in these pages.

            The Kaufman Family Lives – Though we may no longer all be together on earth, we are still a strong family and will always be the Kaufmans of California. can be a sort of meeting place,  a way of bringing  the family together again in one place,  while sharing with extended family and friends – the moments, the memories, -the good times then and now. It’s a place to visit the Kaufmans when you’re especially missing Don, Joan and Pauline, are feeling down or just want to say hello and know that we’re  still around. Enjoy and do say hello in our guest book.


Clockwise (from top): Juicy, (my first cat) , Dorian, Kevin, Mikey, brother Don, Roscoe and Pucky and sister Joan in center. No slight to mother Pauline, pictured elsewhere.


2 Responses to Greetings from the Kaufmans!

  1. Rene de Bruin says:

    Het is mij een eer om deel uit te mogen maken van deze pagina’s ter ere van de familie Kaufman en Jerry in het bijzonder. Zo jammer dat we dit geval zo ver van elkaar leven!

    It is an honor to be able to contribute to this pages dedicated to the family Kaufman and, specially, Jerry. It is sad, in this particular case, that we are living so far apart!

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